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-Demo should be available for in a few weeks, I'm finally happy with the structure of the code. Sorry for the delays. Bradley Jan 17, 2002
-not much going on with development, decide to wipe what i had and struture things more, hopefully it'll keep me on track this time. i'm figuring during Chirstmas break I'll be able to get serious work hours put into it, hopefully have a working demo out by the new year. we'll se e how it goes though. Bradley Dec 13, 2001
-Nothing new to report really, just haven't had time to spend programming, demo should be soon though. Bradley Nov 14, 2001
-Began work on a tile map system to be used for the background images. I ran into some bugs though and am waiting for some help from the Allegro community. Bradley Oct 21, 2001
-Mailing List and Forum pages are up
-News page and Main page merged
Bradley Oct 18, 2001
-Page creation is under way Bradley Oct 17, 2001

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